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A City Emerges From a Labor Room

Sobhraj Chetumal of Shikarpur, who lived
in Karachi at the turn of the twentieth century, built Kishindevi Chetumal Maternity Home and Sobhraj Chetumal Women Dispensary in 1928. Situated in the heart of Urdu Bazaar, it has burgeoned into a maternity hospital and is
 under the jurisdiction of Karachi Municipal Corporation. It is one of the few heritage buildings that has preserved its old identity in name and function.

These photographs are my musings and meditations on the experience of birthing in a labor room that becomes the microcosm of the city of Karachi.

Sobhraj Maternity Hospital is a symbolic epicenter where life converges and emerges – a place where not only human life breathes its first but also from where diverse ethnic communities emanate.